Windows 10 Release Information

Windows Dashboard

This website from Microsoft has been nicknamed the “Windows Dashboard.” This site is the result of a promise made by Microsoft to be more transparent about Windows Updates and servicing issues. You will be able to find release information pertaining to all builds of Windows 10 going back to version 1503. There are links available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 that are current and describe known issues with the operating systems. This site will also help show people why certain systems are blocked from receiving updates. My personal computer has not received the latest Windows 10 Build 1903 yet due to a Dolby Atmos issue that has been identified. None of the other issues pertain to my computer’s hardware configuration.

Others may notice that this site appears to be a copy and paste from Microsoft’s own knowledge base articles. This information should be the same given that it is sourced from their KB articles, but it is presented and grouped in a way that is easier to understand and monitor. Hopefully, this will help shed some light on what Microsoft has resolved in the form of operating system fixes and known issues for all versions of the Windows operating system.

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